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Originally Posted by atco View Post
ive seen a 960 for breaking .is it possible to take the guage out of that one and transfer over to the 740
Expels air from lungs through nose as answer unknown.

I have never tried to do it although I have a VDO that I put a Yazaki voltmeter in ... but that was a slightly different exercise.

The fuel gauge diameter/hole on the backboard are both very likely to be the same size, and I suspect there is nothing different in the in-tank senders between the two gauges. What is different maybe the method of fixing the gauge to the backboard and definitely the connection of the electrical inputs from the gauge to the backboard.

That said, and with thought it may be possible to work out how to connect up a Yazaki fuel gauge to a VDO.

As said, I have not had to think about or try this ... yet!

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