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Default pre- works info gathering.

Hi all..

Just so I know what am I doing, when I get around to it..

My aircon doest perform too well at the moment..

So a bit of a background:

When I bought the car, some years ago, aircon would work only at motorway speeds, I didn't know why..
So I had it refilled.
And still, behaviour did not change.
Paying a bit more attention to it, I noticed that it will work for a minute or two from being switched on, and then die.

Some browsing of this forum done, and, armed with long nose pliers and some tiewraps I performed a "ghetto fix" of AC clutch.

For over 2 years now it was working like a charm.

Now, however.. It happened very gradually so I can't even say when it started, but the zircon isn't as cold as it used to be.

I am sure the compressor works. This "shudder" cannot be mistaken with anything else.

With outside temperatures above 20celc it actually never stops, the compressor, and yet it takes ages to make any significant temp drop inside the car.

Also, what I noticed, is that passenger side vents blow slightly colder than drivers.

First thing coming to my mind: refill.

Any other possibilities?

I'd rather find out now than after spending money..

Thanks in advance.
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