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I've had a few LPG cars - one high mileage one required an evaporator rebuild at 120k. Another had a coil fail on a solenoid after 10 years use. Total cost for both repairs - under 50.

Yes, I do know which end of a screwdriver to hold and I wont wet myself at the thought of getting a little dirt under my nails - but I am no mechanic or LPG expert.

My current volvo had a problem with the Petrol pump relay not operating reliably. Luckily, it had LPG so I was able to hold the relay whilst the car warmed up and changed to LPG.

If I had not had LPG, I would have needed a day off work (which I could not afford). Install LPG - give your car a better chance of getting you to work - do not be put off by those who have more mouth than experience.
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