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Had my lpg system fitted on my 940 coming up 5 years ago now. Prins system, about 1400. Still runs like a dream. Best thing I ever did.

It has saved me at least 8000 on fuel costs in that time, probably a lot more.

I only ever had one problem. I took it in for the lpg service (filter change I believe is what they do) at a time when it ran like a dream. The other guy in the waiting room was ranting and raving that they hadn't fixed his Volvo lpg problem on his previous visit and told me all his symptoms. When we both eventually left his Volvo was fixed and mine had the identical sypmptoms that he had come in with. Wierd that, eh? Maybe other people think what I thought but I'll say no more as I still use the installers. Anyway, I had to run on petrol for a few weeks whilst they ordered a part which I didn't end up paying for as I was borderline warranty period expiration.

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