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Originally Posted by RollingThunder View Post
Just in case you're interested (and apologies for butting in), but I have a spare manual AWD gearbox & bevel box that has been in the shed for many many years. I was going to do an auto>manual conversion of my old phase 1 V70R AWD - it was described as working perfectly and the bevels looked fine (at the time).

IIRC, it'd suit the 850 AWD and phase 1 V70 AWD.

Open to offers for it, but it'll need to be collected from Doncaster. PM me if you're interested
Thanks RollingThunder. I've a spare viscous coupling myself and I rebuilt the gearbox, bevel transfer box about 2 years ago with new bearings, added new transfer sleeve, and changed the bearings on the central prop shaft so am good. May be good for someone else out there. Many thanks.
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