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Originally Posted by Clan View Post
If you had taken it to the experts , a volvo garage they would have known straight away what to do due to their experience , The pedal sensor is never at fault ,
The problem is very likely to be the 3 pairs of network wires when they go into the CEM through the plugs . Volvo do repair terminals , you would need 6 replacing . also wise to renew the data wire from pedal to CEM . changing the terminals on the pedal plug would be an insurance policy too .
Thanks Clan. As it happens I did take it to Bridgend Volvo specialists the first time around and they replaced the pedal. Hey ho eh?

Any idea how much I'd be looking at to have the work done? I've just spent 270 on it for the unnecessary fix. The car's not worth more than a grand if it was in good working order. If it's not complicated I could perhaps try a non volvo garage again(!) to save money.

If it was you, would you ask the most recent garage to perhaps do a little work for free or at a reduced rate? I mean, were they at fault or am I grasping at straws here?

Much appreciated btw

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