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Originally Posted by BWT View Post
From my experience of car dealerships unless its an easy fix or a known problem they put up all sorts of arguments not to get involved and i believe this to be a classic example. In the truck world they will get a regional technical manager involved as soon as the operator starts to moan Why? because they want to keep selling me trucks the car dealer sees it as a one off sale!!!

Anyhow my moan about dealerships does not solve the problem is there any way of to find out the correct part number of the spring that should be fitted to the car without involving the less than helpful dealership?
There are 121 Volvo dealers in the country and I have faith in every single one of them knowing how they operate , what kind of people they employ and what they have to do to pass volvos tough quality standards .

Unfortunately you have come across one or two unhelpful INDIVIDUALS who need educating .
I would turn up with your caravan and a sagging V90 , ask for the service manager , and say look , what's wrong with it . I want it sorted out and explain to the service manager your past experience with them and your suspicions as to what it might be ..

No , only dealers can look up part numbers on their secure systems ..
you might look for the part number on the spring label .
My comments are only based on my opinions and vast experience .
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