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Originally Posted by Whiterdesign View Post
Personally I believe that there is a better XC40 forum about.
Before I purchased my latest XC60 3 years ago to replace my MK1 I considered waiting to see what the new XC40 was like and I considered buying one. The XC40 had not been added to this forum and I joined the forum above. I am still a member and post on it as with things like Sensus are the same. This forum was late in getting in on the act with the XC40.
Absolutely agree. Being a member of both, the static topics on here speak for themselves. I would like to post and contribute on here but the lack of input has put me off. This actual post will elevate me to the dizzy heights of double digits for the first time. The other forum mentioned sees my posts at 553 and not 10!! You could say Iím, and people like me, are the problem. Iím not posting on here cos thereís no traffic. However, thereís no traffic on here because Iím not posting. 🙄
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