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Clearly the signal is getting through from the rear diff sender as the speedo is working. Have you got abs but doubt it as it was optional extra?

Assume your speedo has the pin connector to the white back board/blue circuitry as it's 1990. Make sure those stupid pin connectors on the speedo unit are all slotted dead straight and not bent to the side - seems unlikely as speedo working. It's also unlikely that a VDO capacitor has gone down but could be a possibility. It's the big age related problem with Yazaki's.

Did you double check and checked again that one of the ultra small cogs off the stripped drive gear wheel is not stuck somewhere in the drive mechanism. They have a habit of doing that.

You could re-flow the internal pcb but, I would first take it to pieces again (!!!!) and make sure the stepping motor is ultra free to turn as well the drive cogs to the mechanical milo cogs. Make sure not to tighten the pcb down too tightly as pressure here can affect the stepping motor.

I had experienced all these problems/niggles until by sheer chance I acquired a cluster with a VDO speedo made by VDO Australia at the end of VDO's then existence. After replacing the cog it's been a 'Bute'!

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