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Originally Posted by natmargetts View Post
Evening all, we return to a case of yet another person suffering from odometer problems.

Speedo works
Replaced the gear that always breaks with a new one
Still not counting

I have read that it could be bad capacitors, or a cold solder joint that needs to be reflowed. I just wanted to confirm that I'm barking up the right tree here?

Barking? Yes, probably!

Joking aside, yes, you're on the right track but 1990 would have been the very, very last of the VDOs, if it wasn't already Yazaki. Are you 100% sure you've identified it correctly? Some of the guides to identification are a bit ambiguous!

Hopefully Bob (bob12) will be along at some point, he has an amazing knowledge of the clusters, especially the VDO ones so can give you a few more pointers than i can.


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