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Default New 343 1.7 -86 owner and already problems

So I bought a -86 good conditioned 343 with 1.7 engine, 5 speed gearbox. Has 150 000 km on clock.

It had nice idle and all, no splutters. Hard to start though when warm, seems to not get petrol. But it has new petrol pump fitted last summer.

But after I bought it, 500 meters and it stalled. Pulled choke and got 200 meters, it died again. It had stood for about 6 months, with petrol tank almost empty so I got it towed to gas station. And filled it. But after that, same thing. it will die if I push accelerator even to halfway. pumping gas and playing with choke got me home ( last mile with only choke pulled full out, using it as cruise control). If I touched to accelerator, it would die.

So now what would be the main cause for this and what parts should I get? This will be my daily driver so I need it to be reliable.

BTW tried to register to volvo300mania but I can't reply to the idiotic not bot question. It asks for standard or optional equipment on 300 series, and every sensible answer is wrong (seatbelts, metallic paint, maybe fog lights and tow bar).

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