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Originally Posted by Paul78 View Post
Justbluetooth, no pr

it cannot be retro-fitted however. Is this right?

Are there any nice tips or tricks for using the aux socket other than for plugging in an iPod?

How long do the "rain repellant" side windows last for before they need re-treating? And if they need re-treating, what is the best product to use?

What is the small regtangular black panel next to the front 12V charger? Presumably for switches - but which switches would be there if fitted?

A Garmin Nuvi Sat Nav was an optional extra - is there any advantage in getting the proper Volvo one over a different Garmin or Tom Tom, eg hidden wires etc? I understand there's a kit of some description for hiding wires?

Would it have had Zaurak alloys when new? Everything I've seen about the SE Lux suggests it should have had Spartacus alloys.

Many thanks
anker bluetooth receiver 18 on amazon. I have it plugged into aux jack inside arm rest cubby. I have a hidden usb cable out back of cubby hinge into rear 12v cig lighter. When I switch on ignition, cig lighter powers up, which wakes up anker bluetooth. then I switch blutooth on, on my phone... wireless music in my car... pretty seemless and cheap
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