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Originally Posted by mentepazza View Post
Our friend is right. It can be painful owning an LPG car.
Main problem is most of the LPG professional have no idea
What thy are doing.
Get a proper mechanic with experience on LPG and youíll experience the pleasure of driving a converted LPG engine.
My 240 has got LPG since 1993. Never had any issue in 25 Years.
My 320bmw run sweet for 160k miles before selling it.
My swift 1.3 run swiftly for 100k miles before selling it.
Just need to look after the electric parts, replacing earlier than usual spark plugs, rotor, cables.
Also had a golf converted to CNG without any issue.
I think I have saved thousands over the Years.
Canít hide conversion can be temperamental. Engine run differently depending on the weather, if it s wet or dry, if you are on a mountain or at the sea.
Never run smooth as when you feed the engine with petrol. Loss of power is noticeble. Some cars will need to adjust the valve every 20/30k miles. Others will not last over 100k miles.
Itís always a compromise running an LPG scar and probably something will go
Thatís my point thanks. If I were in a position to tinker and play with an installation I would and I admire people that do.

The answer I gave (used to open this thread) was regarding someone buying a 2018 xc90 t6 and LPG it.

The mind boggles at the complexity and difficulty this would require.

Well done on your installations, sounds good.
2012 XC90 SE Lux 90,000 miles
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