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Originally Posted by I Feel Old View Post
Paul, are you posting in the right thread??

My post was not a political post and as tempted as I am to respond to your points directly, I will refrain.

Presently the change in transport is not being driven directly by governments and current policy, it's been driven by the likes of Elon Musk, Google and Uber.

There's nothing as constant as change! Just as well really or those asking why we should change would have us all still living in caves.

@ThomasG, have you been baiting again?
My point is that these changes are being driven by a system to improve proffit. There is no aulteristic reason behind them as their aim is to be first in the game to maximise the take.

As ever rules are made by politicians, politicians are "advised" by experts, wether self appointed or real, however few if any politicians have the knowlage to know the difference and their priority is to remain upon the gravy train, so they always have an eye to the next election and how any actions they take will impact their chances.
It is rules that control change whatever the drive and guess whom makes the rules.

Despite what the volvo owners club forum thinks, politics and life are inseparable .

As for why change. If the cave suits why the need, change is only needed when the cave no longer meets requirements. Change for change sake is unnecessary expence for little gain and that which you have not had you will not miss.

Of my 2 cars, one has air con one has not. The one with is dryer and a stable temp is more comfortable in hot summer weather, however the one without has other attributes that make it worthwhile and in fact air con would be a factor that reduced it's usefulness to me.
Wether cars have air-conditioning or not doesnot alter their primary function as transport..

That technology may make it possible, however it may not be desirable to all, is often seen as technology must be pursued because it's technology and new. Emporers new clothes syndrome.

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