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Default 1 week update on my new XC60 T5

Originally Posted by simonjedrake View Post
After a 5 month gestation period, my new XC60 T5 Inscription Pro finally arrived yesterday.

Initial impressions after one day are that Volvo have definitely made a massive upmarket change with this new model and having owned two previous 1st Generation XC60 D5ís this model is more than an equal for the Germanic BMW/Audiís ranges.

I am mighty impressed and believe Volvo have a world beater with this 2nd Generation XC60 range and honestly cannot find anything to fault the car so far which for me as a perfectionist is a surprise.......!!!
So after my 1st week of ownership I thought I had better come back & post an update which I have put onto 3 groups as a direct comparison to my previous MY16 XC60 D5.

1. Better than Expected.
a). The T5 engine is awesome and so willing though not yet fully tested as obviously still treating her gently for the 1st 1,000 miles. BUT I do miss the grunt sound of the D5 exhaust under load.......if that makes sense!
b). PA. Was not sure what to expect here but after the 1st 10 miles of trying to fight against it's placement of the car in the "centre" of the carriageway v my normal instinct to place the car slightly to the right of the carriageway, we kind of came to a mutual compromising this weekend on a long return drive to Bristol as long as you understand that it's to "ASSIST" you and the principles of how it works then you can get on together.
I have learnt that:
i). Do not use it on the narrow M5 roadworks section around Birmingham as the right hand carriageway's right side is marked by Orange Reflective Markers which obviously the camera does not see as a white line.
ii). Be wary of central carriageway markings that have the white markings laid on top of shiny black tar that in bright sunshine obscures the white liane marking.
c). HUD. Makes driving especially navigation so much easier as everything critical to you is straight there in direct line of vision.
d). HK sound. Without a doubt this is the best in-car sound system I have experienced, the sounds are so clear, bright & vibrant across all types of genres.
e). Touch Interface. As an avid iPad user I was concerned that the experience would be a let down in comparison, but I was blown away by the logical planning & programming of this interface - very easy to use and adapt to your own personnel tastes (Though would prefer to have say 2 user programmable buttons for my frequently used options)
f). VOC Auto-start from the App. Much simpler to operate that I was expecting with just one user variable being the 'No of Minutes' - as Autumn frosts return will come in useful when going back to a cold car from a nice warm restaurant!
g). Sat Nav. I think the latest HERE Sat Nav interface is a distinct improvement from my previous Sensus system especially with the updated graphics and integrated Speed Camera sites, etc.

2. Reserve Judgement
a). Apple CarPlay. I must admit I have a feeling of wondering just what I am getting from this feature.......
I have a lot of music which I play in car from an Apple iTouch permanently plugged into the non-carplay USB socket, so when my iPhone is plugged in I am failing see what additional features I am getting.
I have not used Google Maps due to all the known limitations and lack of interface into the car displays/HUD, nor do I use the media apps as I have my iTouch. In fact the only use so far has been using TuneIn Internet radio (NME 1) as the data consumption comes off my iPhone contract v my lower GB Car Sim limit contact.
Maybe being a Techie I felt I must just have it in case it gets a makeover next year......!!

3. Room for Improvement.
a). Voice Control is a definite WIP or is it wrong to compare it against the likes of Siri/Alexa were all the voice processing is performed on their respective servers v the limited processing that can be performed by the car's own little "computer" . Suppose it's a case of comparing Apples v Pears but still wanting Apples....

So after our 1st week of living together we are getting on really well and have already formed a good working relationship.

Crockers - As you are collecting your very similar spec'd car today, I would be interested to hear what your thoughts are?
XC60 T5 AWD Inscription Pro (MY19). Electric Silver. Xenium & Intellisafe Packs, HUD, HK Sound, Heated Rear Seats, 4 Zone Climate, Towbar, Exterior Styling Kit, Apple CarPlay, Polestar.
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