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If you bought any other product and what was supplied was not what you ordered, then you would send it back.

It seems the only reason for sticking with it is the order length time. Essentially, by only building the cars at such a slow rate, they have built into their system their ability to deliver incorrect goods and force the customer into submission.

If they stick it on the forecourt now itís preregistered, it will inherently have a lower value than what youíve paid for it. You should be entitled to that difference.

There are plenty of things they can offer that donít cost them 2-3k but offer you such a saving. Service plans, wheel insurance, accessories etc.

Why should you accept a poor product just because they are so short-sighted they no longer value customer loyalty.

And why should a salesman who cocked up an order still benefit from his commission when he screwed up the most important bit?
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