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Default LPG: When will people learn! (???)

Commenting on the woes of another in this forum I read....

I have been in a lot of lpg vehicles and to be honest I would say thatís normal.EML illuminates all the time, smell of gas, poor running. And all so you can save 10 quid a week whilst paying out hundreds in repairs.

When will people learn!
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This deserves its own thread. I had to smile. I am a high miler user and to date my endeavours in gassing vehicles has saved me easily £15,000.

Done right and properly understood, it works. Fuel and depreciation are the two biggest ways to spend money owning a car, yet few actually keep an eye on both at the same time. Many a fool buys a car because it gets good mileage.

Done right gassing a car works. For the savings involved, it's worth grasping, how to apply it, and why.

I for one have saved best part of the price of a very decent car. In the time it takes to understand, few of us earn enough to be better off doing something else.

So I also ask, when will people learn?

And how long will it take you to save £15,000? At current taxation levels I'd have to earn nearer £25,000 to get it. To me that's a lotta' time I could use to be doing something else. You?

In short, by running a vehicle. most of us are in denial as to where our money really goes.
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