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Originally Posted by Frank B View Post
I have a 2016 XC70 D5 AWD and tow a smallish caravan with a MGW of 1400 KG

Whilst the caravan is always stable behind the car, and there is much more power than is needed, I find that there is a lot of uncomfortable pitching on anything other than very smooth roads.

I am an experienced caravanner, the caravan is correctly loaded and I try and get the noseweight to about 90kg.

Never tried towing with a much lower noseweight, has anyone experience of smooth towing with these cars? what noseweight do you use ?
Yes....vehicle as per signature. Standard suspension not 4c or Nivomat...1500kg Elddis single axle caravan. Nose weight religiously set at 80kg. The tow bar limit is same as yours, 90kg. Tow bar is OE detachable.
Having experimented with load placements there is minimal kit at the rear. I also equal out the axle loading on the van. I use portable digital scales from Reich.

My towing experience is a reasonable one.

Smoothest towing is when I'm away on short break and lightly loaded and leave car tyres set at 38psi.

Ride harsher when car tyres set to 41psi for when we're fully loaded for a long trip.

When I bought the car it had Conti tyres. I personally have never had a good experience when towing with that brand so changed them straight away.

For note the Conti's where load rated 101v....the Pirelli's that replaced them are 97v rated so slightly less stiff side wall.

The feeling of pitching is a very subjective personal experience. I put my Volvo at the top of my list with regards tow car ratings. I've towed with full blown 4x4's, saloon tourers, sports saloons. All were a harsher towing experience than the Volvo.




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