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Originally Posted by Thassos View Post
The fix i had come up with to hold the ball joint on the plastic link into the butterfly on the flap control end doesnt seem to be holding up too well ! even with a bump stop as bic suggested, it certainly takes a bashing when it decides to "calibrate" every 5th to 6th engine off.

So im going to have to try the mod kit that volvo do, im not entirely sure how it works but seems you have to drill a hole in the butterfly? has anyone else fitted this mod ? ive heard comments on here that it also might not last too long but im hoping it will (but then i might just be being over optimistic!)

Has anyone had to resort to stripping the linkage down to fix it should this not work?

P/N for the mod kit is 31293291 apparently
I am just about to fit the mod kit to replace a previous mod I did with a split pin. The part numbers required are 8692676 for a new Swirl Arm (1.99) and 31293291 for a Pin and retaining washer (unbelievably 4.95). You will need to drill a whole through the Ball Joint on the new Swirl Arm large enough for the pin to pass through. There is already a hole started through the ball as supplied, so just pass the drill through this hole until it passes out through the top of the ball ( I did this by hand with a small 2 to 3 mm drill bit). The next bit is very tricky, you need to make a hole in the socket where the ball joint connects, on the arm under the oil filler. I used the same drill bit here, but heated the drill to red hot and used the heat to melt a hole as it is just about impossible to get to. This hole needs to be in the centre of the socket in order to pass the new pin through, the arm and then through the newly drilled ball on new swirl arm and then fit the washer that comes with the kit.
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