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Default Known history of the car so far

It was born in 1961

Lived in Sweden until 1972

Lived in Denmark until 1999

Has been in Holland ever since.


I've been trying to find out more about the car and have started the the following newbie threads =>


One about the colour - this red isn't original according to the Chassis ID tag

If you can help identifying the colour code please help - I want to save the dull paint work and learn the martial art of colour blending. The "new" paint job has been done really well so for now I think it is worth trying to save.

Mainly this needs to be done to stop me from ripping the vehicle to bits (as I nearly always do) and return it to the original colour (!)


Another thread about seats

I've got me some Amazon seats it seems


Another thread about early Volvo chassis numbers

^^^^^^^This seems to be a bit of a shocker^^^^^^^^^^
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