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Originally Posted by Army View Post
G'day Folks,

I've recently bought something by accident.

I was looking for a MK1 Transit van but somehow or other I've ended up with a "Katterug" - Katterug is what the Dutch call the PV444 / PV544 models...

...'Cos I'm English I don't quite know why they hit upon that one (!)

Anyway - this ended up being mine because I jokingly asked if it was for sale - and then jokingly said "I suppose you want 10K for it". Unfortunately the answer to the first question was "yes" - the second answer was "no" - but even worse - the number that followed was so low I felt compelled to take on yet another vehicle.

It must be a sickness.

Well anyway 'ere it is.

On the whole it is amazingly solid despite being left out side for so long that there's moss growing on the trim.

It is road legal.

It has got some problems that even a Volvo virgin like myself can see...

Well, if you thinking of selling it on, please contact me.
Kassie 078 2887 9494
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