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Originally Posted by Spike1918 View Post
Not really, you need to consider what the oil does in comparision with what the coolant does and the areas of the engine they circulate in.
Modern oil viscosities are now frequently lower to enable cooler oil to get around the motor faster, cooler being less viscous (runny). This helps to eliminate wear on an engine with maximum tolerances as are found when a engine is cold.
Coolant surrounds the cylinder head and the block / barrels / liners, all high heat areas, but the bulk of the oil is contained within the sump, a realtively cool area of an engine.
That larger volume of oil takes longer to heat even though it`s pumped at prressure around the rest of the engine.
On top of that, the oil doesn't take the engine heat. It is a lubricant. So this means, where the engine coolant is pumped around, it is the hottest. The oil is ONLY used in bearings. Bearings of course do produce a bit of heat, but not enough to instantly warm up the oil (like water can).

So the oil will always take longer to heat up and will remain colder than the water as the oil has enough time to cool down in the sump...

As well hence the lack of an oil cooler on many motors, where as now water cooled engine can do without a radiator
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