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Default XC70 Geartronic jolt

This has happened consistently today: Car in D. When braking from anything over about 40mph there is a noticeable 'jolt' or 'big jolt, little jolt' as the speed drops to about 30mph. Further braking is smooth. Braking is otherwise smooth and around town when braking from c30mph there is no jolt; nor is there any jolt when accelerating away. I managed to let the car slow down on its own from about 40mph to below 30 twice and there was no jolt.

Now gut feeling is that this is a gearbox issue affecting change down on a particular shift but I am no expert in such matters. Car (14 plate, 2015 model D5) has covered 19500 miles in total and was serviced about a month ago at the main dealer since when it has covered maybe 200 miles. I do not know details of the service.
I am expecting to take it to the dealership to get it sorted. But does anyone have an idea of what it could be, please?
Cheers, Phil
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