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Default Tcm 0117, 010b xc90 2003

Hi everyone and thanks in advance for your help.

A couple of weeks ago, I had the "transmission service required" message appear and with my OBDII reader, I read the codes 0700 and 0705. Luckily it happened on my driveway! Symptoms were: horizontal line where gear indication normally is on the dash and when I shifted from "P" to "R" position, the light went straight to "D" missing out reverse and neutral. It sounded pretty clunky too!
After looking on line, I decided to buy a new PNP sensor from FRF. I fitted it today and over the weekend got my new copy of VIDA working reliably.
Now, I'm getting normal gear selection of P, R, N, D, but after driving it half a mile the "transmission service required" returns and it's sluggish pulling away but is driveable. Connecting VIDA today I've got the TCM codes 0117 & 010B. If I'm interpreting the codes correctly (I'm new to VIDA) it's either a connection problem, a solenoid problem or a problem with the TCM itself!? The only three connectors I've undone are the three in front of the air filter housing as I needed to to replace the PNP sensor. I'm not sure what to do next! Anybody out there experienced this before?
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