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Prices of used caravans have been very inflated over the last couple of years, largely because of the demand for “staycations”; I don’t know how they will hold up this year.
A quick Google search brings up a few similar vans for sale with prices ranging from £1250 to £1500 for private sales, to just over £2000 at dealers. The extra equipment with yours will increase its value slightly, and also make it more attractive to a first time buyer.
The plastic filler strip on the awning rail is quite cheap to buy on eBay, and would be worth changing, in order to improve the appearance of the van, likewise the door handle; people are more likely to buy something that does not need any work.
If storage is not a problem, prices and demand will rise before Easter, so that is a good time to sell.
I sold our last caravan on the Facebook marketplace site, and was very surprised by the demand and the number of enquiries, so it might be a good place to start.
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