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Default stop start on xc70

I have xc70 (65 plate) and i use it about 3 -4 times a week, and lately, message came up saying "low battery", and then the stop start stopped working with a message in the LCD " battery charging or low ambient temperature of high altitude etc .. " I am at 40 metres above sea. I have taken the car for a 100 miles trip on motorway, hoping it would reset, however, I still have the same problem. the battery voltage without the engine running is 12.02 volts, and when the engine is running, it is 15.25 volts. The car seems to start first time. Can you please help me locate the batteries for further investigations . I have located the main battery which is in-front of the passanger side in the engine compartment. Where is the second one?
any help to reset the stop star problem would be appreciated.
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