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Originally Posted by np1974np View Post
I have xc70 (65 plate) and i use it about 3 -4 times a week, and lately, message came up saying "low battery", and then the stop start stopped working with a message in the LCD " battery charging or low ambient temperature of high altitude etc .. " I am at 40 metres above sea. I have taken the car for a 100 miles trip on motorway, hoping it would reset, however, I still have the same problem. the battery voltage without the engine running is 12.02 volts, and when the engine is running, it is 15.25 volts. The car seems to start first time. Can you please help me locate the batteries for further investigations . I have located the main battery which is in-front of the passanger side in the engine compartment. Where is the second one?
any help to reset the stop star problem would be appreciated.

That might be all the problem is ,the battery state of charge low , You need to fully charge the battery first with a good external battery charger it might well take 24 hours so don't be afraid to leave it going . Driving the car is not the best way to charge the battery , there is not enough time available and once it gets to 80% it rapidly slows down ..
When you connect the charger, clip the red positive to the red positive tag on the battery and clip the black earth to the engine or a bolt on the body otherwise the cars battery monitor will not monitor the battery being charged . You don't need to worry about the secondary battery that takes care of itself and it always near fully charged , it is not monitored .
If you want to reset the stop start disconnect the battery completely when charging , clip the terminals direct to the battery then ..
The stop start defaults to always working when the battery monitor has lost its data , then gradually works out the true state of charge over night .
My comments are only based on my opinions and vast experience .
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