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Default V40 Towing

After spending 1000 for five days at Butlins I decided to buy a caravan this year.

Caravan purchase just made and has a MTPL of 1440 kgs.

I'm on a new licence after 1997 so can go for a max gross of 3500kgs.

Time to change the current wagon which has been a trusty S60 D5 with star ship miles on it as its too heavy.

The V60 is also over the weight I need.

I'm just wondering thoughts on towing with a V40 D4?

Kerb weight isn't that far of the V60 and the caravan is within the 1500kgs.

Anyone had similar experience? I test drove the v40 D4 today and the thing went like stink. I'd imagine doing about 1000 towing miles a year.

Thanks if anyone can help me out!
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