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Hopefully the "spotty youfs" will be able to explain it better.

Another way, which hopefully may help:

Each music file has a "Post-It note" on it. On that "Post-It Note" is written the Name of the Artist, the name of the Album and the name of the Track, plus some other stuff (not important here).

The information on each "Post-It note" has to be written in a specific way in order that it can be displayed on whatever is playing it Volvo Sensus in this case.

The software you are using (EZ Vinyl) to convert your Vinyl records to files you can play from a USB should have some way of letting you specify what is on each "Post-It note". Exactly what it can (and cannot) do, how to do it, etc I do not know, as I have never used EX Vinyl, sorry.

If it does not allow you to manually specify the Artist, the Album and Track names to be written to the "Post-It note", or it cannot look this up for you, then you could use something such as the MP3Tag software (or others) to write the information on the "Post-It notes" yourself.

Hope that is more "Janet & John" and does not confuse further. Enjoy your Christmas
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