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Really do need this to be going to a new owner. My 3 door 1989 Volvo 340DL. It's the 1.4 engined CVT conveyance.

The good bits:

I'm the second owner. It comes with handbook stuff and the dealer cassette. Never seen or heard of that before in any of my Volvo purchases.

I had the car mopped and polished and it looks rather nice.

I fitted new rear tailgate struts so the tailgate no longer crushes your skull each time you need to root around in the boot.

It has older Fox alloys fitted with excellent and almost new looking tyres. Chrome wheel nuts now fitted. Steelies are in the boot but they will need a refurb.

The interior is 99.9999997% mint. The door card on the drivers side is slightly damaged on the meagre arm rest type bit. The rear view mirror fell off in the excessive period of heat that we had a few weeks ago but all fixed now. Volvo rubber mats are fitted. The belts and varios are in great condition. Exhaust is fairly recent but has had a repair.
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