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Default Clutch noise problem

Hello everyone,

I have a V50 1,6D and my clutch broke at 240000km... After a huge bill i finally got a new Luk kit clutch ( flywee and all parts) and the clutch after a couple of thousand km started to fail again( didn't disengaged the gear box).

I then decided to change the pum pedal of the clutch and the problem kept going until my clutch broke again at 250000 km...

My mechanic assumed all the responsibility and put a entire new set of luk clutch in my Volvo but its starting to have the same symptoms as before ...

Does anyone has any idea or heard about a story like this? my mechanic now is convinced that the crankshat is defective...

Major syntoms:
the clutch makes a horrible noise when disengaged but when i press the pedal, the noise goes away.

The clutch losses its stiff when im in the highway and start to press the brake

When the pedal losses its stiff i have to give it gas in order to disengaded the gear box.

Please everyone i really dodn't know what to do and i've been to 3 mechanics and none of them try to find a solution..

Thank you very much!

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