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Default Brake Servo Hose

Some of you will recall Chesters6 pointing out that my brake servo hose was looking a tad past it's best in this photo (taken for another thread):

The perished looking one to the right of the pic attached to the air intake manifold.
Well at long last I have received a new pipe, and yes with the two side by side, the old is very tatty!
My daughter collected it for me on her way home from work, so it has literally just
arrived here.
It is an original piece from Pemzec Volvo in Vannes at 24,76€ and is long enough to make two, so will have a piece for back up should I ever need it.
I shall fit it tomorrow and will snap a pic or two just to show how bad the old one is.
If these pipes do fail, then brakes fail too, or at best braking efficiency is majorly reduced.
I really hadn't noticed my one perishing, so if you haven't noticed yours, do have a peek next time you are tinkering
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