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Originally Posted by JezzaB View Post
So, we’ve just bought an XC40 Momentum D3 AWD - March 2019.

Confused regarding the tailgate, everything indicates it should be electric, but it’s not or at least, it doesn’t work if it is !

The first photo inside the tailgate shows a button that would suggest once pressed, the tailgate will close and the label next to it shows how to open the tailgate by moving your foot beneath the bumper. The second photo shows a button on the dash just below the steering wheel and again, this button suggest once pressed it will open the tailgate.

There is also a button on the key fob but alas, none of these buttons seem to do anything!

Can anybody shed any light on this? The dealership tried to explain this conundrum away but made no sense.
You need the key to be in close proximity for the sensor under the car to work. About 1 or 1.5 metres away?
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