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I salvaged a nice "Anniversay Car" steering wheel from a 1977 car years ago, and have fitted it to every replacement 240 since then. I found no problems with the cowling on any years 1990, 91, 92 or 93.

I did notice however that the chamfer on the inside edge of the boss where it tightens against the ridge on the column shaft was slightly different, but on some cars not others. This caused the wheel to sit about 1/2 mm closer, and required a little bit of tweaking to make a good horn contact. I simply inserted a washer (was it a fibre one?) behind the spring-loaded contact to adjust the pressure at the rotating contact point.

I kept the old wheel because I like the larger diameter, and the older style of spoke arrangement. Also because it has a lovely brass and blue real enamel medalion inset in a slight recess in the horn push.
The silver (I think it must be real silver) commemorative plate makes a very satisfying key fob.

I did once have a complete set of special deep pile plush seats and carpets, and kept them for years. No one wanted them even free so they went to the tip in the end. (saloon, so no good in my estates)
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