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From past experience I've found that most people leave booking trips out until the actual day, as perhaps either they only get their classic out if not wet, or their work allows that particular day off. That doesn't prevent showing interest to the organisers though.
Mind you, seeing as you are only at Biggin Hill, why is it that you've never ever taken your Volvo to the Volvo gathering at Bentley Wildfowl/car museum only 20 or so miles south of you? I know because I take my 144 or 164 there every year (it has run for over 20 years now) and am linked to the organising of that event. Yes it is run by the Sussex VOC section, but as Derek of the Kent section always expounds, it was currently the nearest Volvo rally to us living south of London. Similarly the Sussex section always manage the Volvo stand at Wiston in West Sussex, and again only one P1800 has ever attended there: I do, rain or shine.
I say 'currently' re Bentley but as you can see in the latest "Driver" mag, it will be changing its venue this year due the Bentley management changing. You ARE of course a club member aren't you? See, that's what you miss by not belonging.

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