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Good that you bring this up. My car had a service a few weeks ago (or better months ) where not only the oil change is performed, but also other checks of the engines health. Under which is a compression test.

Compression rates @130.000 km (81.250 miles): 14 Bar evenly on all 4 cylinders.
Compression rates @70.000 km (43.750 miles): 14.5 Bar evenly on all 4 cylinders.

A friend has basically the same engine (the 1.8l petrol) and treats his the opposite way around. He thrashes the engine where ever he can. His car has also covered now around 130.000 km (81.250 miles) and the compression rates should be the same. Well, should.

Compression rates @130.000 km (81.250 miles): 10.8 Bar, 10.9 Bar, 9.9 Bar and 10.2 Bar
Unfortunately he didn't get the "before" rates, as his car dealerships wouldn't give him the little compression tester token.

Never the less, thrashing vs. smooth sees a huge difference in life span expected! Oh, his engine has already had the valves reset, as they were long out before...
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