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Default suddenly starter motor wont engage

Hi all,

having just got my 960 24v estate MOTd, the next time I went to use it, turn the key and nothing. It not the battery - thats fine and also I tried fully charging it - no difference.

I read somewhere else about dodgy ignition barrel - well that was already replaced once and also if I put the headlights on, they turn off when the key goes from pos 2 to start position so I figure that's fine?

The only sign of something going to be amiss was the day I took it to the MOT, when I started it initially there was a delay of a second or so when nothing happened and then it started as normal although the starter motor sounded a little sluggish.

Could it be the starter motor? do they suddenly fail in this way? Or could it be something else?

Im feeling a bit gutted because this has always been such a reliable car, dont recall there ever being a time it has failed to start (even when the fuel pump was playing up)



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