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At first:
You must give more informations.
Nobody will help you seriously with this little infos:
Again :
-Year of the car
-type of engine (post a pic if you are not shure)
-if really a B230E ( with CIS/K-jetronic)( everything down if YES!), block mounted distributor or head mounted one? In both cases there will be no CPS! This engines are with a hall sensor system inside the dizzy.
-did it run every since you own this?
-last time in this century? This decade?
-does the car have spark?
-does the engine run with start helper/brake cleaner spray (maybe it was a "yes" a few posts ago, maybe I did understand wrong)
If yes: the car has spark and all parts of the ignition are irrelevant now.
Did you buy the right pump? There is a difference between the LG2.2/2.4 and the K-jetronic fuel pump. This engine won't run with the wrong pump.
The fuel pump won't pre run on ignition!
If the right pump: wire the pump directly or build a bridge at the socket of the relay ( even here : difference between the LH and the K-jetronic relay!)
If the engine will run now it will be easy to find the fault.

Please please please: learn to post more informations. You will waste our time otherwise. You can't give too much infos of the related car. ( ok ok, colours inside and outside we won't need, neither stereo infos; -) )

Good luck, Kay

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