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After many years and as he no longer owns or runs a PV Keith Wilson has decided to step down as the Register Keeper for the PV 444/PV 544 models.

Keith will remain running the motor Sport Section.
On behalf of the Board of Directors and all club members I would like to thank Keith for his efforts in looking after the Register over the last few years. 
many thanks Keith and very good luck with the motor sport.

Nigel Ayling

If any member would like to take on the role of Register Keeper for the PV models please contact Nigel Ayling by phone for informal chat.



The aim of the position of the Register Keeper is to be a focal point within the Volvo Owners Club for other members with a similar model of Volvo car.

These guidelines for the position of Register Keeper as set out by the Board of Directors of the Volvo Owners Club are only guidelines and some flexibility can be incorporated where appropriate. If required the advice of a Director should be sought.

The Register Keeper may keep a record of all such members but should take all precautions to protect the personal data held so as not to breach any part of the Data Protection Act. Personal data must not be sent to any other person or organisation without the permission of the person concerned. It is preferable to obtain that permission in writing. An appropriate declaration may be added to any registration form the Register Keeper may use to create records.

The Register Keeper should be able to assist members with matters that affect their model of Volvo car, be it technical or general. When giving technical advice it must be made clear that neither the Register Keeper nor the Volvo Owners Club accepts any liability whatsoever. Where advice is given that would result in the member working on their car they should be advised to take all necessary safety precautions.

Register Keepers are required to provide a report for each edition of the club magazine, Driver. The report should be sent to the director responsible for liaison between the board and Register Keepers, ( currently Nigel Ayling) within the deadline set out on page 3 of Driver.

Register Keepers are encouraged to arrange a rally or meeting for their model of Volvo car. They may arrange such rallies as often as they see fit. Some funding to offset costs may be requested in writing to the Board of Directors.

Register Keepers are encouraged to attend the National Rally, or the Northern/Southern Rallies, to meet members of their Register.
Register Keepers must posses strong inter- personal skills.

It is essential that Register Keepers are able to be readily contactable by members, therefore you must be able to provide a contact telephone number, postal address and an e-mail address.
You must be computer literate.
Appointment to the post is subject of a 6 month probationary period.

Nigel Ayling
Register Keeper Liaison
For and on behalf of the Board of Directors
April 2016

Volvo Owners Club Ltd,
Registered Office,
86 Springfield,
EX39 6BG

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