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Default Computers!!! and their algorithms

These computers are set up by the manufacturers. The main agents pay thousands of pounds for them and we believe them totally, don't we?

With my experience with my wife's Polo:'nothing is wrong Sir', 60 please, but she wouldn't drive it in limp mode at 20mph. What do these garages know about electronics? My laptop computer often gets confused and needs cleaning. Manufacturers need to support Main Dealers, but you pay the premium.

On board computers are increasing, exponentially. Where is this leading? Boredom is worth it, think H&S. Less deadly mistakes on the road, and of course this is essential.

I digress, very clean oil is the answer to long life in my opinion I have evidence.

Currently I deal with Don at Performance Oils. He stocks all the items I use and I have sent him a spreadsheet of the B200E engine performance from 150k to 497k by using the bypass filtration and his 0-30 Amsoil.

In the spare engine I am currently using a 5-30 fully synthetic from Tesco, as it is API L or M standard. Being lazy, not changed it for 100k, and now at 200k from installation, as I await the rebuild engine (2k pl). Special offer 6 for 2ltrs. ( Said to have 165k on the engine when purchased).

Go for the facts not the myths.

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