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Wink Actual number - confirmed by Volvo Sweden

Originally Posted by amazondean View Post
The 850 AWD is quite rare now. This is because the AWD makes the car complicated and has a high failure rate, plus can be expensive to put right. Their really isn't any need for the AWD anyway.

The value for a really nice one may be around 2000 max, but I would suspect a good decent honest example to be more like 1500 max.

It would be worth posting some good photos with close ups, showing the true condition of the vehicle to gauge a more realistic value
Hi Lads, though I know this is adding to an old posting from May, and noting that the original poster hasn't been online since then, I'm going to respond anyhow.

Okay, as I own one of these 855 AWD models I did research into the model back in 2017 and wrote to Volvo Sweden, who responded fairly quickly to my initial email.

Exact breakdown of these cars is as follows:

Mfg timeline June 1996 to December 1996

Number of units: 2021

Number of LHD units: 1,712

Number of RHD units: 309

For RHD units:
  • 245 were sold in the UK market
  • 64 units were sold to other right hand drive regions world wide
  • 5 of those were sold into the Republic of Ireland

*Of the 5 that were sold into southern Ireland, mine is the last of the original 5 imported as new still in Ireland. Currently undergoing a bottom up full engine rebuild so am looking forward to having mine on the road again come December when I'll be bringing it to me to southern Germany on a permanent basis from Jan 2020.

So as you can see, those numbers are pretty interesting as it shows their rarity, more so as right hand drive models.

Hope this helps any future query into this particular model.
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