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I think I agree. Obviously worn bushes and a wobbly armature can hit the outer windings, but wouldn't produce the kind of noise I think is being described?
My previous 240 made a clearly "plasticy" kind of noise. I might be mistaken, but it sounded to me very like the noise a plastic fan makes if it is brushing on a plastic shroud. Furthermore, it could be stopped by turning up the speed and then suddenly reducing it again, or sometimes going over a bump induced it, or stopped it for a while.

I'm wondering whether this couldn't be explored by drilling a small hole in the shroud in the right place and pushing the motor with a thin rod? If this varied or stopped the noise temporarily then surely the fault must be the support rubbers rather then the bearings?
That might not help to fix it, but I'm wondering about wedging/gluing something in position as a temporary measure?
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