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I don't know if the rear-facing seat assembly is the same as that for a Volvo 240, but I have a set in my latest 240 project, in very good condition and was on ebay - with no takers. If they are the same, fine but you will need the seat belt fittings to make it legally usable nowadays (my set has). The floor panels may be different too.
If different, the trouble is there are so few 145s on the road any more that the likelyhood of anybody wanting them is remote: my family don't as they are all over 40 now!
There were at least two different types of hubcaps fitted to 140-series cars (screw-on or knock-on), but again easily available from ebay and the likes. Maybe your 'bucket of other bits' might have some hard-to-come-by bits, but unless it includes such as front wings (!) won't exactly make you rich!

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