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Originally Posted by pepper16 View Post
Ok point taken !.....but all I'm saying is...if I was looking for a decent example. I'd be looking at this and I'd be taking three thousand quid ?
I certainly wouldn't insult the guy by offering anything less than 2750 ?
Unless you want to buy it to paint the wheels black with a hŗlfords tin, black out the windows, change the exhaust and put a cheap and nasty touch screen hi fi in,just saying...I hope he gets what he wants for the car...good luck .
Thanks for the kind comments. A lot of care and attention was put into looking after my C70 when I had the time. Unfortunately priorities change and I simply donít have the time to drive it now, so its just sitting on the drive.

Itís not a perfect example. Being honest I would probably spend a couple of hundred with a full service etc. By this point in the year I would have normally done this myself to ensure she was tip top for the sunny season.

I want to be very fair with forum members, and really I was looking for 2k, which would allow for any work to be done and not have the purchaser feel out of pocket.

If I canít get 2k for her then Iíll probably bite the bullet and take a few days off work (which I canít really spare!) and fully service and MOT her to see if thatís a more attractive prospect for buyers.

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