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Originally Posted by Kev0607 View Post
I did put Esso fuel in my car (S80 P3 D5) in the past & found that it just didn't seem to do anywhere near the mpg it was supposed to be doing. I changed to Texaco (nearest to me) & the mpg went up, quite drastically.

I found Shell V Power Diesel made a big difference, not so much to the economy, but the car definitely felt more responsive on the throttle. I give it a treat every so often to some of this.

I've not put any BP diesel in it yet, but there's one or two BP stations that aren't too far away.

Many use supermarket fuel & never have an issue (Bashy above for example), hence why I asked the question on his thoughts on its quality. My personal feeling is although there's a standard that all fuels must meet, in my experience, supermarket fuel doesn't give the same fuel economy as going to places like Texaco, BP etc. So what you save per litre by going to the supermarket for fuel really isn't that much, if anything because your car is doing less mpg.

I can only speak for my personal experience though.
Pretty similar experience to me then except you used Texaco and i used BP. Can't remember the last time i saw a Texaco station to be honest at least round ehre.

If you do give BP a go, something i have found if you've run long-term on a different fuel is it takes a tankful or two before the BP start working better, previous owner of my Volvo used Tesco for 10 years, took a while on the Sainsburys when i first got it then BP when Sainsburys changed their supplier for the mpg to come up, first tank or two was slightly less as it purged the other fuels (inc Shell V-Power - i tried it when it first appeared in the 760 and it ran well with reasonable economy then it dropped off in all areas - on another forum i'm on similar was found on the cars on there) from the system.


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