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Originally Posted by RailwayRev View Post
I sold my much loved v70 that was LPG converted when the last station near me closed. I could have kept going on petrol but there wasn't much point when I had brought the car for reasons of economy.

I wonder if LPG was a victim of its own success? Many people jumped on the bandwagon and offered conversations that were at best badly thought out and at the worst dangerous and so the reputation of LPG was forever tainted.

We had a local chap doing them on the cheap and the standard of his work was awful. I fitted a few kits to my own cars (jaguar xj40 and series Landrover) and I consider myself competent but many others weren't.

Sad to see it going, I do think that it could have been a major part of the rush to be greener.
I would never consider a LPG vehicle after all the bodged cr@p I have been in over and over again.

So yes, very sadly I think you are on to something. I know engineer types who have really planned and selected their LPG kit, sometimes installing it and getting it certified after. They tell me the oil comes out clean 6,000 miles later, great economy and really easy. But I never saw that, all I saw was poor quality installations with no end of problems.
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