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Default Questions before purchasing

I currently have a 2010 XC70 d5 lux 145,000 miles, itís been great. But itís probably time to change, as itís starting to show its age.
So thinking v90 cc. Looking at the v90cc and v90. Whatís the difference in the touring and dynamic chassis? My XC70 has self levelling suspension and like its towing and off-road ability. Would one be better for us has be do tow monthly and live very rurally.
Going to look at a 2017 v90cc this weekend (also same dealer has a vw tourag for me to compare). But further afield is a v90cc pro, that if I like the one I see might be worth a trip. Options could be the v90 but awd is a must.
More interested in the D5 again than the D4, but with towing the extra powers useful, whatís mapping ( as well as the polestar) of the d4 like?
Many thanks
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