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Default 940 Upgrades wanted: Cruise control, spoiler & elec seats

Hi All,

As per the title, I'm looking for some upgrade parts for my 1998 940 Celebration estate B230FK LPT (originally ) :
  • Complete set of cruise control parts (my car is an auto so only need the one pedal switch, but I think the throttle wheel is different to a manual)
  • Rear spoiler for estate, 940 type not the smaller 960 type
  • Electric adjust seats, ideally passenger as well as driver. Complete set of front and rear in grey preferred.
For the seats I'd consider a 960/V90 set as I understand that they fit physically but have a different connector so I'd need that too (or a heads up on where to get them).
If fronts only available I might try swapping my half-leather covers over - assuming that's possible - as I rather like them anyway... would that give me the only half-leather electric seats I wonder?

Always scouring ebay for these parts but they seem to come up rarely...

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