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Default Depressuring Necam CNG system [Volvo S60 2007]

Hi guys,

My Volvo started to shutdown again randomly on gas, especially when RPMs drops to low. I've read the FAQ on cleaning distributor, i am planning to do it first by pouring STP injector cleaner into the hose from pressure reducer to distributor. Before i was emptying gas system just simply by pulling out the hose and letting the gas run. Not a very nice way especially when pressure regulator is faulty (big boom). So i tend to go with more intelligent way.

There is a first step in FAQ

"With the car running on gas disconnect the solenoid cable under the air box to purge the system of gas. Reconnect before you forget."

Does disconnecting the cable means the plug from the pic on pressure regulator?

Or it meant by other way, as some guys in other forum also suggests to pull some relays to close CNG tanks?

thanks in advance for the help
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