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To be honest, I don't bother. On a V70 P80 CNG, and V70 P2 LPG I pull the stepper, 2 x 3mm Hex/Allen. You'll get a slight whiff of gas. V.low pressures in the dizzy anyway (1.5 Bar or less). Never worked on a S60 CNG, but low-pressure side, assume it's the same. It's the otherside of the reducer where you see 6mm steel that you need to be more careful (200Bar). You're not going near that. As long as you're low-pressure hose side of the reducer, do what you like. And if you had 200Bar there now, you, and most of Helsinki would already know about this...

Just make sure the ignition is off, and chissakes, don't smoke!

If you do have to 'blow-down' the high-pressure side, this can be done too, but a different question.
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